50% of Internet users reuse their passwords.

That’s not very safe. And we’re here to help.

As data breaches become an everyday occurrence, more passwords will be available for use by the bad guys. If you reuse your passwords, the bad guys will be able to sign in to your social media accounts, bank accounts, and the accounts that hold your precious memories.

‘Just secure’ just doesn’t work.

P@ssw0rd policies make passwords unnecessarily complicated and difficult. That is why people prefer simpler passwords. My Password Guru learns from your password habits and suggests passwords that are easy to remember and also secure. Easy for you, hard for a machine.

The more secure stuff aren’t as easy.

Many other solutions on the Internet claim to be more secure than the conventional password, but don’t consider the user’s convenience. My Password Guru makes it exceedingly easy for you to generate and set a secure password. It’s almost like using an unsecured Excel workbook to store your passwords, but secure.

It ain’t secure until it’s also private.

My Password Guru works completely offline, and does not collect your data until you tell it to. Everything is done on-device, and nothing is sent to a server, the cloud, or any of those Internet-ey things. Your data is safe because we don’t have it.

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